Before You Click on Amazon, Here’s Why Your Choice Matters (Infographic)

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Amazon is rapidly expanding its online empire, but behind the conveniences that the company offers are a lot of hidden costs.

Advocates for Independent Business put together an infographic, released today, that shows how shopping at Amazon compares with shopping at local businesses in its impact on jobs, taxes, the local economy, and community.

Before you click, here’s why your choice matters:

Click the image below to view the infographic at full size, and for a larger version that you can drag to your desktop and repost. Scroll down for four smaller images that can be easily printed for display. Please feel free to share and distribute this widely!

Image: Amazon Infographic.
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For display, here are four smaller images. Just click to enlarge, drag to your desktop, and print!

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Image: Amazon Infographic, Taxes.
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Image: Amazon Infographic, Local Economy.
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Image: Amazon Infographic, Community.
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For more on Amazon, see our recent Fact Sheet, “5 Things Local Officials Need to Know About Amazon.”

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  1. Vivian

    Great article!

  2. Jeff Koenig

    Thanks for the infographic! Doing my part to send it around:

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