AIB to Host Roundtable Call on Creating Association Healthcare Plans

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AIB has announced an upcoming roundtable call: “Creating Association Healthcare Plans,” scheduled this spring on Monday, June 17.

Health insurance has been heralded as an important benefit that associations can provide to their member businesses, but how does an association negotiate such a contract? The call will provide a space for members to explore opportunities and challenges related to offering health insurance as a benefit of their independent business association membership.

Brief presentations from organizations that have an association healthcare plan or those who have recently gone through the process of establishing one will provide context. Building on these discussions, the call will launch a broader conversation about how associations can navigate the complex healthcare and benefits landscape to best support independent businesses.

By participating in roundtable calls, AIB coalition members have an opportunity to share tips and learn ideas from across sectors that can benefit their organizations and member businesses.

This is the eleventh roundtable call that AIB has organized. Past discussion topics include, “Succession Planning in Independent Businesses,” “Attracting and Retaining Members,” and “Best Practices for Member Education.”

AIB webinars are open to independent business groups that are not yet members of the coalition. Please contact us to learn more about future webinars.

Image courtesy of Marie Donahue (CC 2.0)