AIB To Host Roundtable on Succession Planning and Tools for Business Valuation

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AIB has announced an upcoming roundtable call: “Succession Planning and Tools for Business Valuation,” scheduled for Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 4 p.m. EST.

The sale of independent businesses can reinvigorate local markets, and entire industries. Turnover and succession of businesses is a natural step in the economic lifecycle. But as small business owners age and retire, how can they effectively prepare for succession, sale, and the future in general? And what role can business associations play in this planning?

The call will provide a space for members to explore opportunities and challenges related to succession, sale, and business valuation. This is an opportunity for associations of all sizes to compare notes and share tools and knowledge — with topics ranging from timeline planning to legal contracts to staff training.

By participating in roundtable calls, AIB coalition members have an opportunity to share tips and learn ideas from across sectors that can benefit their organizations and member businesses.

This is the twelfth roundtable call that AIB has organized. Past discussion topics include, “Running and Growing Your Association,” “Association Success Stories,” and “Attracting and Retaining Members.”

AIB webinars are open to independent business groups that are not yet members of the coalition. Please  to learn more about future webinars.


Photo by Martin Vorel/Public Domain