The Ripple Effect When You Shop Local (Infographic)

When you choose locally owned businesses for your shopping, you create a ripple effect. Here’s what happens when you shop local — starting with you.

Independent Businesses Report Advantages in Weathering Retail Storm, New Survey Finds

The retail industry is experiencing significant upheaval. Reporting on the issue, however, has focused almost exclusively on national chains. Now, a new national survey finds that shifts in the retail sector are playing out differently for independent businesses than they are for the chains. The survey, which gathered data from over 850 independent retailers across the U.S., yields valuable insight into how independents are weathering the storm — and what they perceive as their distinct advantages.

AIB Voices Concern Over Amazon’s Proposed Acquisition of Whole Foods, Requests Hearing

In a letter to four leading members of Congress, AIB expressed concerns over the way Amazon’s growing market power is threatening the economic vitality of tens of thousands of independent businesses across the country, and how buying Whole Foods would allow Amazon to expand its dominance.

Anticompetitive Conditions Are Impacting Independent Businesses, AIB Writes in Letter to Sen. Klobuchar

In today’s highly concentrated markets, the ability of dominant companies to exclude and impede businesses from competing has become one of the most pressing issues facing independent businesses. On the heels of a recent speech about the need for more vigorous antitrust enforcement by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Advocates for Independent Business (AIB) has sent Sen. Klobuchar a letter commending her call for action and sharing information about the experiences of AIB’s member businesses.

AIB to Host Roundtable Call on Strategies to Attract and Retain Members

In AIB’s next roundtable call, the AIB groups will discuss their strategies to attract and retain members, sharing resources and ideas about their most effective approaches, their ongoing challenges, and their tools for keeping members engaged. The call will be the eighth roundtable that AIB has hosted.

AIB Holds First Summit in Washington, D.C.

The members of the Advocates for Independent Business hosted the first-ever AIB Summit in Washington, D.C., in December, a day-long event that gave attendees the occasion to share ideas, set priorities, and discuss ways to work together on the challenges and opportunities ahead for independent businesses.

States Renew the Fight for Sales Tax Fairness

As states like South Dakota and Alabama are enforcing laws that require big online retailers to collect state sales taxes, they’re renewing the fight for sales tax fairness.

AIB to Host Roundtable Calls on Member Education and Shopping Local in the Age of Amazon

AIB is set to host two upcoming roundtable calls, one on “Member Education” and one on “Shop Local in the Age of Amazon,” to give coalition members the opportunity to share information and strategies.

AIB Applauds Greater Flexibility for Credit Unions in Small Business Lending

AIB applauds the National Credit Union Administration’s recent overhaul of its member business lending rule, which will make it easier for small businesses to access the credit that they need.

Independent Businesses Report Growing Sales and Hiring, but Policies Tilted in Favor of Large Companies Hold Them Back
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The 9th annual Independent Business Survey finds that public support for independent businesses led to brisk sales and a sharp increase in hiring in 2015, but biased policies and other obstacles are limiting their success.

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