States Renew the Fight for Sales Tax Fairness

As states like South Dakota and Alabama are enforcing laws that require big online retailers to collect state sales taxes, they’re renewing the fight for sales tax fairness.

At U.S. Supreme Court, an Invitation to Reconsider Internet Sales Tax Ruling

After years of fighting for a federal fix for the online sales tax loophole, this week, advocates for e-fairness gained a new ally: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided a question over which … Read More

Why Small Business Needs Congress to Close the Online Sales Tax Loophole

In the next few weeks, Congress has the opportunity to fix a tax loophole that’s been hurting small, independent retailers for years. While big online retailers get out of collecting sales taxes, small, brick-and-mortar stores have to charge customers prices … Read More

AIB Launches #Efairnessnow Campaign to Persuade Congress to Close the Internet Sales Tax Loophole
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For independent business owners, and the customers and communities that love them, e-fairness is critical to competing on a level playing field with online mega-stores. That’s why this week, in a campaign launched by the Advocates for Independent Business and Local … Read More