States Renew the Fight for Sales Tax Fairness

As states like South Dakota and Alabama are enforcing laws that require big online retailers to collect state sales taxes, they’re renewing the fight for sales tax fairness.

At U.S. Supreme Court, an Invitation to Reconsider Internet Sales Tax Ruling

After years of fighting for a federal fix for the online sales tax loophole, this week, advocates for e-fairness gained a new ally: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided a question over which … Read More

2015 Independent Business Survey: Buoyed by Public Support, Independent Businesses Report Strong Sales Growth
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Independent businesses saw strong sales growth in 2014 as more consumers embraced the “buy local” movement and ditched big companies in favor of supporting local retailers and small-scale producers, according to a large national survey released today.

AIB Statement on House Judiciary Committee’s Internet Sales Tax Hearing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 11, 2014 WASHINGTON D.C. – The Advocates for Independent Business, a coalition of 11 national organization representing over 100,000 small businesses, issued the following statement regarding tomorrow’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Alternative Solutions to the Internet Sales Tax Issue”: “This … Read More