Local Policy Matters, New Advocacy Toolkit Outlines Local Policies to Support Independent Businesses

Putting the right local policies in place can give independent businesses a fair chance to compete and thrive. Locally owned businesses play a central role in healthy communities. They’re engines of opportunity, creating jobs and providing pathways to the middle … Read More

Local: A Better Way to Shop

If you are shopping online today, we hope you are doing so with independent businesses! An analysis by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance found that, for every $10 million in sales, independent retailers create 57 jobs, while Amazon creates just … Read More

Shopping Local for the Holidays: AIB’s Infographic Has the Facts to Know
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While analysts are already chattering about which big-box stores will open on Thanksgiving Day this year, the resurgence of independent business is the holiday shopping story that’s more important to many Americans. Six in 10 customers say they go out … Read More