5 Things Local Officials Need to Know Before Welcoming an Amazon Warehouse
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Amazon is on a building spree, and many local officials are eager to bring one of its giant fulfillment centers to their own backyard. But a new factsheet from AIB shows how communities are losing more than they gain in these projects.

Small Business Groups React to Study Showing State Tax Incentives Overwhelmingly Favor Large Companies

Advocates for Independent Business (AIB), a coalition of 15 national organizations representing small businesses, welcomed the release today of new data showing conclusively that state economic development incentives overwhelmingly favor big business. The study, Shortchanging Small Business, produced by the research group Good … Read More

AIB Statement on New Report, “In Search of a Level Playing Field”
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In a report released today by Good Jobs First, leaders of small business organizations from around the country overwhelmingly agree that despite pro-small business talk, states’ economic development incentives favor big businesses at the expense of small firms looking to grow.