We have a small window of opportunity right now to persuade Congress to address a critically important issue for independent businesses: internet sales tax fairness.

The Senate passed legislation to close the online sales tax loophole in 2013, but if the House doesn’t act in the next few weeks, the bill will die. Members of Congress who support e-fairness are working to move the bill before the lame duck session ends on Dec. 11, but they need to hear from all of us.

(Click here for more background on this issue.)

We need you to make this campaign a success!  Please share one or more of the campaign images below on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends and customers to do the same!

Sample tweets or Facebook comments:

  • Indie businesses deserve a fair chance to compete. It’s time for Congress to close the online sales tax loophole. #efairnessnow
  • Congress needs to stand up for local businesses by closing the online sales tax loophole.  #efairnessnow
  • Hey, Congress: Keep our local stores open and thriving by passing e-fairness legislation now!  #efairnessnow

Click any of the photos below for a full-size version that you can save to your desktop.  Or take your own photo calling for e-fairness!  This is a grassroots campaign — make it your own! Use the hashtag #efairnessnow, and be sure to call and tweet your members of Congress!

Photo - Market Street businessPhoto - Louisville business
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